We carry out our planning activity in AUTOCAD system. For the larger projects we use 3D-modelling.

We model and visualize the operation of our material handling systems and controls on request.

We have already established PC-PLC connection and bar-code identification with production control and monitoring systems by several customers. We can manufacture our products with steel or eloxed aluprofile structure, according to the desire of our customers.

We develop our machines in plastic powder painted design in the desired RAL color.

We usually carry out our tasks as main contractors .We are in possession of the adequate assets and experts of all the fields ranging from planning to on-site assembly. We occasionally employ subcontractors, due to our load of capacity.



From the 90s we have taken part in transfers of complete factories, technologies several times in the recent years, where we disassembled the operating machines, transported them, occasionally modernized them and reinstalled at the new site.

We have transferred technologies to Hungary from Denmark, Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.. In general our company does the continuous maintenance of the transferred systems.

Unfortunately we rather had to take part in dismantling in Hungary lately. We have transferred equipment to Russia, Poland, Turkey, etc.



In 1996 our activity was expended by the production and selling of communal waste containers. In the local market of traditional containers we used to have a significant market share.

The demand for the product was decreased by the appearance of the selective collection so now our developments point towards complete waste handling systems.



Flex Coop's variety of products and capacity increased considerably in 2002 after the acquisition of the plant „Salgótarjáni Acélárugyár ASCON – RECK". This division with an extensive history has also been involved in the production and assembly of conveyor lines and warehouse framework structures since the 70s.

After the acquisition our company offers the greatest capacity, technical and supplier background in the field of in-plant rail-guided logistic issues, work-site serving and storage equipment production such as the planning, installation, repair and maintenance of complete systems.

The two plants have a considerable team of experts, chipping and panel processing, assembling – maintaining, developer and planning capacity, which – on computer network - operates in a common production control system offering the greatest flexibility as possible – as our name suggests.