EU-ROLLER offers superior performance for conveyor applications that require operation in adverse roller logo txt bgrnd

The outer shell is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) meaning it can be used in a wide range of environments and is approximately 60% of the weight of conventional steel rollers, making for safer installation and saving on start-up costs.

The steel tube increases rigidity of the roller shell and enables the EU-ROLLER to be used over wider ranging belt widths and aids in the elimination of shaft deflection.

Test results show that the noise emission of EU-ROLLER is considerably lower compared to the conventional ones. The raising standards to reduce the environmental impact make EU-ROLLER an ideal choice.

The manufacturing process ensures outer shell concentricity to the roller shaft, meaning that all EU-ROLLERS are of weigh-roller quality.

EU-ROLLER has the ability to retrofit their roller to any existing frames.

EU-ROLLER has a range of

  • 127, 133mm diameter assembled with 25 mm shaft
  • 152, 159 mm diameter and its shaft can be selected between 25 and 30 mm.
  • The recently developed new type's diameter is 194 mm and has 40 mm shaft.

Previously there were only standard steel rollers available at this size range on the market.

The above features coupling with guaranteed technologies providing continuous quality mean that EU-ROLLER should be the best choice for all conveyor applications.